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Benefits of Fibre optics Termination Kits

Maintenance of Optical Fiber Cable Networks

Telecommunication, broadcasting and data transmission services have greatly been improved with the introduction of optic fiber technology. The speed of communication with minimal data/transmission loss has made this technology as a hot favorite with almost all the players of those business segments.


The maintenance of fibre optic based networks needs efficient tools and tackles with which the field engineers/staff can perform various day-to-day maintenance. Also the preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance activities can be carried without much problems being faced.

Preparation and termination of the connectors is one of the frequently carried out activities and fiber optics termination kits are one such set of tools that help the technicians to carry out several activities like preparation and termination of fiber optic connectors. These kits can also help the staff in crimping, polishing, and inspection of fiber connectors.

Which is the Best Termination Kit?

Best kit is the one which is versatile in its functioning and has the universal adaptability. This characteristic is highly essential due to the varied categories of fiber systems and connector types. In short, the best fiber optics termination kit is the one which contains everything that a prep & termination job demands for.

Termination Kits from Fibresales

Fibresales.com.au is offering two types of Fibre Optics Termination Kits i.e.

  1. ST/SC Fibre Optic Termination Kit with 200X Microscope
  2. ST/SC Fibre Optic Termination Kit with 400X Microscope

Following are the common tools that come with both the kits:

  • ST/SC Crimp Tool
  • Jacket Stripping Tool
  • Buffer Stripping Tool
  • Rotary Cable Stripper
  • High Carbon steel Kevlar Scissors
  • Universal ST/SC Continuity Detector
  • Dust Blaster Isopropyl Alcohol Kim Wipes
  • Glass Polishing Plate 0.3um, 1um and 12um


The only variation in the tool is the types of Microscope i.e. 200X and 400X.


There are many benefits that a user can enjoy with the above kits like their universal adaptability to any type of network or connectors. The kits are very well designed and can offer safety and security to the personnel who would be using them on the field.

The case which carries the tools has been made up with sturdy plastic material which is impact resistant and weather sealed. It is strong and durable. The hygrometer which comes along with the kit helps the users to measure the humidity levels and thus offers extra protection against the weather conditions. The strength of the case helps the companies in transporting, organizing and protecting the tools within the case.

By buying these durable kits, companies can easily leverage on the life and performance of their fiber cable networks.