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Cat6A Patch Cable
Cat6A Patch Cable
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Cat6A Patch Cable

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About CAT6A Cables
CAT6A cables provide even greater bandwidth and networking abilities than previous cable standards. CAT6A was developed shortly after the introduction of CAT6 cable, it was introduced to extend the frequency of CAT6 from 250MHz to 500MHz allowing the cable to reach network speeds of 10Gbps at distances up to 100 metres, for this reason many installers tend to use the CAT6A standard over CAT6. CAT6A is fully backwards compatible with other cable standards however will be limited by the older standard of cable. CAT6A cable comes in multiple varieties, the most common of which are; CAT6A U/UTP which consists of four twisted copper wire pairs with a blue nylon jacket; CAT6A F/UTP which consists of four twisted copper wire pairs protected by a foil outer-shield covered by the same blue nylon jacket. CAT6A cable comes with RJ45 connectors.