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Erika Violet Multimode OM4 LSZH Duplex Patch Cable
Erika Violet Multimode OM4 LSZH Duplex Patch Cable
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Erika Violet Multimode OM4 LSZH Duplex Patch Cable

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Fibresales Fibre Optic Patch Cables are available in SC, LC, ST, MTRJ, Angled SC, Angled LC, FC. We can also offer a variety of other connector styles if your requirement dictates.

We offer Fibresales Fibre Optic Patch Cables with PC (Physical Contact), UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) or even APC (Angled Physical Contact) depending on your requirement.

We carry a full range of OM1, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode cable types.

The cable colours that we have available are as follows:

Orange (OM1 standard), Aqua (OM3 standard), Erika Violet (OM4 standard), Yellow (Singlemode standard), Pink, Black, Red, Blue, Green and Purple.

We offer a full custom manufacturing service and can therefore cater for all of your requirements.

Whatever you want we can manufacture to your exacting standards.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Jacket

Fibresales Fibre Optic Patch Cables are all provided with a Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket as standard.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen will protect against the risk of toxic gases emerging during a fire. Unlike PVC cable which can burn the lungs and eye of those around the fire, Low Smoke Zero Halogen have flame retardant capabilities thus helping smother out the fire. This is a safer alternative for both people and the environment.

Products Manufactured with Low Losses

As the Fibresales Patch Cables are all factory terminated they all come with extremely low losses when compared to field terminations. If you have specific Insertion Loss(IL) or Return Loss(RL) requirements please contact us as we are happy to create a product to your specifications.

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