CISCO SFP Compatibility confusion

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The confusion with CISCO SFP compatibility is more often than not that people are scared that if they use a “compatible” or (another word used is) a “third Party” SFP that the system may not work.

Fair enough, but this assumption is obviously not the case.

Yes, a lot of devices are coded to only accept an original SFP module of the same make. Usually, you can identify these by their vendor ID.

However, we have the technology to reprogram to match any vendor ID.


Fibresales SFP

Can we confidently use CISCO Compatible SFP’s, could be your next question?

Well, of course, you can!

You will notice big price differences between CISCO SFP modules and generic or compatible modules.

That is why there is such a large offering of "compatible" or "third party" SFP modules. The SFP modules can easily be programmed to show the appropriate vendor. 

Cisco SFP’s are made by Cisco, so they are trying to tell consumers that only an original Cisco SFP will work in their devices. Fair enough, but this decision will cost you.

Therefore, the most obvious benefit to you is the cost savings. This can be rather substantial as SFP transceiver takes up a significant part of the total system budget.

Have you tried to do a comparison yet?  

It is worth a go, I assure you.

FibreSales SFP

Fibresales SFP

Cisco SFP modules are important to your network.

While networks require many components that make it function properly, the SFP optical transceiver plays an important part.

A Cisco SFP can add substantial cost to your budget. A Cisco compatible SFP can save you money while still allowing your network to run efficiently.

You need to know what you want when looking for a Cisco compatible SFP.

Things like cable type, data rate and distance will dictate which type of SFP you require.

If you’re looking to improve the proficiency of your network and aren’t sure which direction to go, we would be able to assist you here as well.

We can provide you with an alternative. You can get Cisco compatible SFPs that contain the same optoelectronics and exactly the same hardware.


Fibresales SFP


Whilst there might be some kind of peace of mind that goes with a well-known brand name this does not mean that going the compatible route is not an option for you.

Considering the cost savings for the exact same performance and capabilities this could even be the better option.

And the moral of the story is that your budget might even thank you for it.