Fibre Optic Cleaning

The Dirty Secret in the Fibre Optic World

Numerous installers use cleaning strategies that when reviewed under a microscope, reveal a lot of contamination left behind.

Unless they inspect 100% of their connections, they take the risk of reduced signal strength reducing data transfer capacity. Numerous installers click their devices or wipe off the connectors with alcohol with confidence in their procedure, yet that procedure is letting them down.

There is good news! There are many new methods to fibre optic cleaning and successfully clean fibre optic connectors the first time… every time.

Importance of Cleaning

Clean fibre optic parts are a necessity for quality connections. The most basic and important procedure for the maintenance of fibre optic systems is to clean fibre optic connections.

Contamination in the fibre can cause failure of the connection or even failure of the system. Microscopic dust particles can even cause a variety of problems. Particles that partially or completely block the fibre can cause strong back reflections. Particles caught between two fibres can scratch the glass surfaces. Regardless of whether a particle is just arranged on the cladding or the edge of the end face, it can cause an air hole or misalignment between the fibre cores which significantly degrades fibre optic signals.

·         1-micrometer dust particle on a single-mode core can block up to 1% of the light (a 0.05dB loss).

·         9-micrometer speck is still too small to see without a microscope, but it can completely block the fibre core. These contaminants can be more difficult to remove than dust particles.

By comparison, a human hair is 50 to 75 micrometres in diameter, eight times larger. Even though dust might not be visible, it is still present in the air. In addition to dust, other types of contamination must also be cleaned off the connection. These materials include:

·         Oils, typically from human hands

·         Film residues, condensed from vapours in the air

·         Powdery coatings, left after water or other solvents evaporate away

Must Haves for Fibre Optic Cleaning

2.5mm One Click Cleaner

2.5mm One Click Cleaner

With one push the 2.5mm One-Click Cleaner removes dust and oils attached to the fibre optic connector.
This pen can be utilized to clean SC/ST/FC connectors and 2.5mm adapters.

1.25mm One Click Cleaner

With one push the 1.25mm One-Click Cleaner removes dust and oils attached to the fibre optic connector.
This pen can be used to clean the LC/MU connectors and 1.25mm adapters. 

1.25mm One Click Cleaner
Cassette Cleaner

Cassette Cleaner
The Fibre Optic Cassette Cleaner maintains high quality fibre connections,
guaranteeing no scratches show up on any fibre end.

Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes

Pre-Saturated Fibre Optic cleaning wipes give a simple and helpful solution for the removal of oils and other wet cleaning applications.
Pre-saturated in 99.7% isopropyl alcohol there is no need to worry about alcohol residue. 


Contaminants can be difficult to remove and can cause damage to equipment if not removed effectively. Having the correct cleaning tools for any situation you may be presented with will help you solve many issues quickly and conveniently.

Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes