How to use a Ripley’s Miller IET Extraction tool

As our connectors are getting smaller so are the spacing’s in distribution panels, making it harder to plug or unplug connectors.

With the introduction of LC Connectors and the 1.25mm ferrule, this is certainly the case. It might be alright for the dainty-handed ones but for those with a hefty hand this can be an issue!

The Miller IET Extraction tool has been designed to easily maneuver these tight spaces.

The unusual jaw of the tool grabs the connectors tightly and will not cause any damage to the connectors being inserted or removed or to any of the adjacent ones.

This tool makes a technician’s job, of inserting or removing connectors, much easier.

Tool Features:

- The tool has ergonomic grips making it comfortable to use.

- The tool's tip design ensures positive gripping without slipping.

- Works with LC and SC Simplex and Duplex connectors as well as MU, MT-RJ, RJ45.

- The tool can be used either left or right-handed.

- Weight; 99g

- Dimensions; 222.9x70x19.1mm

So how does it work?

This depends on if you are inserting or extracting the connectors. So we will discuss both methods.


To insert a new connector into a patch panel you simply position the connector in the tool.

Step 1.

The bent end of the tool is designed to grip the connectors without it slipping. You use this bent end to depress the connector lock tab

Step 2.

Insert connector into the adaptor on the faceplate and squeeze tool handles to disengage the tool tips.

Step 3.

Grab the strain relief boot with the tip of the tool and gently push to ensure lock tab of the connector is engaged and it is secure.

Step 4.

This is what a successful completion of inserting a Simplex LC Connector should look like.


We will now look at the extraction process using this tool.

Step 1.

Duplex LC Connectors housed in LC Adaptors ready for extraction.

Step 2.

Squeeze the tool handles and position the bended tool tip over the connectors Lock Tabs.

Step 3.

Release tool handle and disengage connector lock tabs from LC Adaptor

Step 4.

This enables you to easily extract the connectors.

A quick word of warning here. This tool is not to be used on any live electrical circuits. It is not protected against electrical shock and should not be used for any application it has not been designed for.


With today’s ever increasing high density cable management systems the use of an extraction tool is perfect for either inserting or extracting fibre optic simplex, duplex or copper RJ45 connectors. Suitable to use on a large variety of connectors it makes the job just that little bit easier.