Optic Cable possible troubleshooting issues.

Fibre Optic cable will at times require some repair or maintenance.

There should not be any issues with your optic cable network as long as it was installed correctly to start with.

However, fibre optic cables are more vulnerable than copper cables, so, they may need repairing from time to time.

If you think that there is something wrong with your optic cable, you may need to look in a few areas to be sure if maintenance is required or not.

We will look at some of the possible problem areas you may have to deal with and some troubleshooting suggestions below.

Defective splices in optic cables

F7 Fusion Splicer

Optic Cable - F7 Fusion Splicer

Optic cables with splices are common in most of the fibre optic networks.

However, the job of splicing an optic cable should be reserved for an expert, only.

Using the right connectors in optic cables also does matter.

If there is some kind of malfunction in the connectors, loss of signal is almost unavoidable.  

Optic Cable Connectors

Repairing or replacing the connector is the only solution to this issue.

A Large Number Of Splices On Fibre Optic Cables

Though it is not so uncommon for an optic cable to have splices and connectors, it could get nasty if there are many of them in the same place.

It would result in signal loss.

Optic Cable splices

Repairing or replacing the faulty optic cable is the only solution to this problem.

Broken Optic Cables

If fibre optic cables are stretched or bent too much during installation, there might also be some damage.

Although optic cables can sustain stretching and bending to some extent, there is a limit to that.

Excessive bending or stretching will eventually lead to broken optic cables which will cause problems to your entire network.

Optic Cable Bend Radius

To begin with, look out for any bent or stretched fibre optic cables in your establishment.


Troubleshooting Fibre Optic Cable Issues

Diagnosing an entire network is not as easy as it may look.

When dealing with complex network issues, it is always mandatory that you know where to begin.

Here are some common issues relevant to an optic cable:

·         -  using low-quality fibre optic cables or connectors

·             -  losing signal owing to using an over-extended fibre optic span

·         -  excessive loss of signal due to faulty optic cables or connectors

·         -  faulty splicing can also cause the optic cable to get lack of signals

·         -  too many splices or connectors on a single optic cable could also result in signal loss

·         -  Signal loss could happen if there is a faulty connection in the splice tray or the patch panel 



The only way to be fully sure whether you have a faulty optic cable or not is by testing for loss.

You should thoroughly check the optic cable for any signs of damage.

Based on this assessment, it may or may not be possible to repair the defective optic cable.

If there is no way to repair the optic cable, you may need to replace the entire cable. 

We can assist you with the latest line of high-grade optic cables which are suitable to meet any of your needs.

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