Why are there different Fibre Optic One-Click Cleaning Pens?


Let us start by explaining what a one-click cleaning pen actually is.

A  fibre optic one-click cleaner is a cleaning pen that removes any particles of dirt or dust that may have attached to the ceramic ferrule end face.

It provides a hassle-free way of cleaning connectors. Not only on patch cables or cables but also in adapters located inside enclosures or test and measurement equipment.

The one-push cleaning pen uses a mechanical push action to forward an optical grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the fibre end-face is totally and gently cleaned. Ensuring no cross-contamination can take place.

They remove impurities such as dust, dirt or oil without damaging the end face of the optical fibre connector. The One-click Cleaners are based on a dry cloth cleaning method, specifically made to clean single fibre connectors housed in an adapter, faceplate or active equipment. 

This is achieved by simply inserting the one-click cleaner onto either the connector end face or into an adapter and then pushing the pen until you hear it “click”. One-click – All done!

Some labour-saving advantages include:

  • The One-click Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean single fibre connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead.
  • Effective removal of a variety of contaminants including dust and oils.
  • Over 750+ engagements per unit. 

Other advantages;

  •  Easy pushing motion engages connector and initiates cleaner.
  •  Made from antistatic resins.
  •  Cleaning micro fibres are densely stranded and debris-free.
  •  Extendable tip reaches recessed connectors.
  •  Several different Cleaning Pens are available to suit.

So, why do we have several Cleaning Pens and not just one?

With changes in technology and the importance of high-density cable management, the connector ferrule size has undergone some major changes.

From the standard 2.5mm ferrule we have been introduced to the 1.25mm ferrule and to an MPO/MTP end face with 8-12-24 fibre capabilities.

Leaving us with a selection of Cleaning Pens we need to choose from to match each of these varying connector ends face styles.

In other words – one tool no longer fits all! We will go through the different Cleaning Pens available for each style next.

One-click cleaner for the 2.5mm  Ferrule Design.

One of the original ferrule designs of a connector was a 2.5mm ceramic cylinder as per the image below. It was used for many different connector types.

   2.5mm Ceramic Ferrule

This made it easy to mix and match between connectors with that same 2.5mm ferrule size. The most common 2.5mm connector ferrules are ST, SC, and FC connectors.

You will need a cleaning pen that can house the 2.5mm ferrule for cleaning. Hence the 2.5mm Fibre Optic Cleaning Pen, which will clean any 2.5mm connector ferrule.

Our 2.5mm one-push cleaner is usually used for SC/ST/FC connectors.


One-click cleaner for the 1.25mm Ferrule Design.

LC is also known as; Lucent Connector, Little connector, or Local connector. 

It is a connector that uses a 1.25mm ferrule. This is literally half in size compared to an SC connector.


    2.5mm Ceramic Ferrule


        1.25mm Ceramic Ferrule

This reduction in size makes it extremely popular for high-density connections and is the connection of choice when it comes to SFP transceiver modules.

You will need a cleaning pen that can house and clean the 1.25mm ferrule. We recommend the 1.25mm LC Fibre Optic Cleaning Pen. Needless to say, you cannot use a 2.5mm Cleaning Pens to clean a 1.25mm ferrule.


One-click cleaner for MPO/MTP design

MPO is short for “Multi Fibre Push-On” and MTP is short for “Multi Fibre Termination Push-On”.

This type of connector has many fibres in one connector.

MPO/MTP connectors are widely used in today’s communication and data-centre industry. 8, 12 and 24 fibre configurations are common.

You therefore will need a cleaning pen that can house and clean multiple fibres.

USConec developed and trade-marked the MTP version of the MPO connector. They also have their own IBC brand MTP Cleaning Pen available.

So there are two types of MTP/MPO Cleaning Pens available in our range because of this.


One-click cleaners have proven to be a cost-effective and easy way to ensure both connector and mated connector are clean.

Extensively used within the industry they are a valuable time-saving cleaning tool that every technician should have in their kit.