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more_vertSafety Glasses
$40.25 ex GST

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Safety Glassesclose

Made from hypo-allergic materials, with the lenses hard-coated to provide a certain level of scratch resistance. This eyewear can be cleaned with soap and warm water using a soft non-abrasive cloth. This eye-ware can be worn all day in a normal working environment. These safety glasses comply with the ANSI Z87.1 standards and have been manufactured with the requirements of the European Tech..

more_vertFibre Optic Disposal Unit
$10.95 ex GST

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Fibre Optic Disposal Unitclose

This handy unit provides the solution for fibre optic scraps such as; cleaved fibre ends, broken pieces of fibre and offcuts. It's dangerous to leave pieces of fibre optic cables in the workplace, especially glass shards and optical fibre off-cuts as they can easily penetrate the skin and possibly move further into the body, making cleaning of these materials essential. Measuring in at 70mm ..