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The infrastructure supporting our digital world is becoming increasingly complex. Data centers, tele..

  • Date published: 12/06/2024

IntroductionIn the rapidly evolving landscape of communication technology, the demand for high-speed..

  • Author: FibreSales
  • Date published: 14/08/2023

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog on different types of fibre optic cables. In Part 1, we covered Loose ..

  • Author: FibreSales
  • Date published: 27/02/2023

Fibre optic cables are the backbone of modern telecommunication networks, enabling high-speed transm..

  • Author: FibreSales
  • Date published: 19/02/2023

Fibre optic cable is a modern marvel of technology, offering a fast, reliable, and secure method of ..

  • Author: FibreSales
  • Date published: 10/01/2023

Fibre Optic Hybrid AdaptorsWe are all familiar with Fibre Optic Adaptors, also referred to as throu..

  • Date published: 19/07/2022

Introduction to the NS 468 Cable tester:The NSHL 468  is a Multi-Purpose Cable Tester useful fo..

  • Date published: 21/06/2022

We all know cleaning is a fundamental procedure when it comes to fibre optic systems. But is cleanin..

  • Date published: 05/04/2022

In order to join two fibres together, you will need some pretty special tools. There are two ways to..

  • Date published: 16/12/2021

As our connectors are getting smaller so are the spacing’s in distribution panels, making it harder ..

  • Date published: 19/11/2021

Fibre Optic Loopback Cables are also known as Fibre Optic Loopback modules or adaptors. It is basi..

  • Date published: 16/11/2021

  Why we may need an RJ45 coupler?Copper Cables are widely used to connect many device..

  • Date published: 09/11/2021

Fibre Optic Attenuators can be grouped into two categories; - Fixed optical attenuators (FOA..

  • Date published: 01/11/2021

Cleanliness according to IEC standards.The IEC developed the 61300-3-35 Basic Test and Measurem..

  • Author: FibreSales
  • Date published: 15/10/2021

  Let us start by explaining what a one-click cleaning pen actually is. A  ..

  • Author: FibreSales
  • Date published: 12/10/2021

You might be thinking of purchasing a security camera but don’t know where to start. You may be ..

  • Date published: 05/10/2021

What are Fibre Optic Pigtails? Fibresales Fibre Optic Pigtails are short, 1.5-met..

  • Date published: 17/09/2021

Cisco Switches, a brand name we all kno..

  • Author: FibreSales
  • Date published: 26/02/2020